If you are currently planning to have the surprise party in your home, this can be difficult to pull off. To take care of all of this, you should consider renting a banquet hall to have the surprise party in. You can easily set up a banquet hall without your spouse knowing about it. They are generally large enough that a lot of people can fit into it. You will not have to worry about being around strangers, as you and the guests will be the only people at the party. Below is what you should look for when choosing a banquet hall so you can be sure you choose the right one.

Available Services

Once you find a banquet hall you like, determine what services the rental company offers to you. In many cases, they will offer a catering service, which can take a lot of work off you. If they do this, make sure the catering service can cater to different diets. For example, someone at the party may have an allergy to certain foods or someone may be a diabetic.

Sit down with the caterer and go over the menu with them. Take time to sample the dishes the caterer is planning to serve at the party before you finalize the menu. If you do not like the banquet's caterer, you can hire your own outside of the banquet hall.

You also need to find out if things like tables, chairs, and A/V equipment, such as a sound system and microphones, will be available at the banquet hall. Ask if there will be waiters and bartenders at the banquet, if needed.

Refund Policy

Ask the banquet hall what their refund policy is. You never know if you'll need to cancel the party if your spouse is sick. For example, you may need to cancel within a week ahead of the rental date to get a complete refund. If you cancel after the specified time, the banquet hall may still give you a partial refund, or they may not refund you at all.

Parking and Handicap

The banquet hall needs to have adequate parking for all the guests. Determine what you think you will need and double this amount. This will ensure you have enough space. You also need to ask about handicap parking as well as a ramp so someone in a wheelchair can easily enter the banquet hall. The parking facilities should be well lit and have appropriate signage so guests will know where they need to park.

Visit a few banquet halls in your area, such as Big Oaks Golf Course, before you choose one for your spouse's surprise party.