Holiday shopping time is here once again and with it comes the same old doubts and concerns about whether the gift you give to your loved ones will be one they soon forget or one they will cherish for a lifetime. Material goods, such as clothing and electronics are often requested and appreciated when received and for some time afterward, but they soon go out of style or stop working and become nothing more than a pleasant memory. If you want to give your loved ones something truly special that they will get a lifetime of use and memories from, its time to step out of the box and buy them a truly unique gift. Here are three great examples to consider. 

For the loved one who enjoys art

If your loved one spends hours peering at paintings at the local art museum or reading about famous artists from the past, they might enjoy a gift that helps them expand their love of fine art. Consider gifting them with a course in art appreciation or a beginner's class in oil painting, along with tools to help them explore the world of drawing and painting, such as an easel, canvases, sketch pads, high quality pencils, paints, and brushes. 

For the loved one who enjoys music

Instead of giving your loved one a gift card to download their favorite songs or a new electronic gadget for playing the downloaded tunes, consider helping them explore their passion for music from a more personal level by learning to play an instrument. Gift them with a fine instrument based on the type of music they like, such as an electric guitar for a rock and roll lover or a piano or violin for a classical music lover, and include a year of lessons to help them develop their hidden talents for a lifetime of enjoyment.

For the loved one who enjoys adventure

Shopping for the adventure junkie may have been a problem in the past, but this won't be the case anymore when you consider gifting them with a skill that will help them take on bigger and better adventures throughout their lifetime. An open water diving course is a wonderful way to give your adventurous loved one the skills they need to stay safe while exploring oceans, lakes, and waterways near your hometown or anywhere in the world. Some good quality scuba gear and lessons from professionals like those at the Colorado Scuba Center will help your loved one enjoy adventures they will never forget.