Plan a trip to the beach with your family before the summer ends to take advantage of the beautiful weather. You don't even really have to pack  when you consider all of the equipment and supplies you can rent at the beach. It's definitely much cheaper to rent than to purchase some of the equipment outright. There are plenty of fun activities for families with young children, and the following 3 beach rentals can really make your beach outing special.

A Volleyball and a Net to Enjoy the Warmth of the Sand

There's nothing better than feeling the warmth of the sand underneath your toes while you run around, and volleyball can be amazingly fun at the beach. Many beach sport rental companies will set up the volleyball net for you and will allow you to choose between either using a beach ball or a volleyball.

To cater to young children in your family, request for the net to be set a bit lower than usual. This way, it'll be easy for even the younger participants to get the ball over the net. Beach balls also tend to be more popular among young children than volleyballs.

Kayaks to Appreciate the Beauty of the Ocean

After spending some time on the beach, it's time to hit the waters. If your family would like to venture out further into the ocean, rent some kayaks. There are plenty of kayaks that are small enough to fit young children.

If your children have no experience kayaking, you can even rent double kayaks. Double kayaks tend to be more stable and can handle the wiggling of young children better than single kayaks. They also offer more room in the cockpit for parents to seat a child on their lap.

Jet Skis to Get the Adrenaline Running

If you're looking for some excitement, then you might even want to consider renting jet skis when you're at the beach. Unfortunately, young children will not be able to operate jet skis themselves; however, they can sit with a parent or a guardian. If you're thinking of renting jet skis, choose a rental company that has life jackets that are small enough to fit your children.

There are plenty of fun activities that you can do at the beach. Don't waste all your time sunbathing or simply playing in the sand. Rent some equipment to make the outing a lot more fun and active. For more information, contact professionals like West End Water Sports.