If your family regularly takes trips in a recreational vehicle, everyone undoubtedly enjoys having all the conveniences of home with them while in transit and when hitting the destination. But when you are driving, belongings inside your recreational vehicle are at risk of breakage if you do not take the needed steps in containing them properly. The bathroom area especially is one spot where there are usually several smaller items present that could break or spill. Here are some steps you can take to add storage to your RV's bathroom so your personal belongings stay in one place during the ride

Create An Area For Jewelry And Accessory Storage Where Items Can Be Found Easily

If you enjoy going out for dinner while vacationing, you or a family member is likely to have brought some jewelry or hair accessories along for the trip. To help keep these from becoming lost or tangled, consider adding a small accessory storage area in your bathroom. Glue a piece of metal to the underside of a shelf or a medicine cabinet using a heavy-duty cement. Purchase several small plastic see-through containers to hold all accessories so they can be organized and found easily. Glue a magnet to the top of each container using the same cement. The containers can be hung from the metal bar so they are within reach while items are contained. If you hit a bump while driving, the items inside each container will be safely protected should an enclosure dislodge from the metal.

Add A Spot For Items That Spill So There Are No Messy Clean-Ups Necessary

To help keep your toiletries from spilling while on the road, place bottles upright in an appropriate storage area so they do not tip over. One way to keep these items safe from spilling is place a hanging shoe holder on the back of your bathroom door. The bottles can be arranged inside the small pockets so they are at less risk of spilling. Place several smaller bottles in a pocket to help fill the area so they are snug and less likely to slide out of the area should the vehicle encounter rough roads. Place each item in a plastic storage bag before putting them in a shoe holder pocket for even more protection.

Use Plastic Containers Or Crates To Hold Towels And Other Bathroom Necessities

Items not at risk of breaking or spilling will still need to be contained properly so they do not clog up floors when people walk into the room to utilize the facilities. Use a closet to hold these items if possible. Tape the door shut with pieces of duct tape while in transit to help keep items from spilling onto floors. If there is no closet in your bathroom, consider using plastic crates or containers to hold towels, washcloths, and toilet paper. These can be adhered to the floor of your bathroom using strong double-sided tape. The items can then be stacked inside so they are not a hazard to anyone walking through the area.

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