Getting out on the lake in your boat is a lot of fun in the summer. But you can't really do it in the winter. Before winter sets in, you want to make sure that your outboard motor is winterized so that it is ready to go when you pull it out the next year to get out on the lake. So what should you do?

Clean It Up

Before you do anything, you want to make sure that the motor is nice and clean, to prevent corrosion from setting in over the winter. Salt is a very corrosive agent, so if you have been in salt water, it's important to make sure that all the salt is cleaned off. Even water is corrosive; it can cause rust. Make sure that you clean off any rust before you store it, because rust can propagate over the winter. You may want to add some polish or wax on everything, to act as a protectant. 

Anti-fogging Spray

You should also spray some anti-fogging spray on the motor after you have cleaned it up. The anti-fogging spray can act as a protective agent, keeping the engine, spark plugs, and points from starting to corrode. You can not only spray it on the outside of the motor, you can also spray it into the air intakes. This will get the interior of the motor coated. Since it is difficult for you to clean all those interior spaces to get rid of any corrosion, the anti-fogging spray will clear it out. 

Fuel Additive

Gas can break down over the winter, and water can get into the fuel. When that happens, it can gum up your motor when you start it the following year. There are additives that you can put into the gas tank. These additives will stabilize the fuel and keep water from building it up in it. You should follow the directions on the bottle of the additive you choose. However, a general rule of thumb will be around one ounce of stabilizer for each gallon of fuel in the motor. You should also make sure that you run the motor for a few moments to make sure that the additive circulates to the entire engine. 

Making sure that your motor is ready to go when boating season starts means that you are going to have to do a little work in the fall. For more information on outboard motor maintenance or upgrades, speak to professionals from a company like All Seasons Honda & Peninsula Ski-Doo.