When a boy and his dad want to bond, many times it is over football or cars. However, in the areas of the country where there is more water than roads, it is usually more common for a father to rebuild a boat motor and/or remodel a boat with his son than to rebuild a car engine or remodel a car. There are several really good reasons for choosing to rebuild a boat motor with your son over rebuilding a car engine. Here are just a few.

Learn How a Boat Motor Works, Unlock Other Skills and Earn Extra Cash

Although most teenagers might learn how a car engine works in the classroom portion of driver's education, they will not learn how a boat motor works unless someone teaches them. You can teach your son what you know about stern drives and boat engine construction, and maybe even learn a few new things yourself. It may just be the kind of learning experience that unlocks the ability to understand how other small engines work, which could lead to the development of a skill set that your son could use to earn extra money in the neighborhood.

Learn How to Fix a Boat Motor in the Event That You Are Stranded

People born on the bayous of the Mississippi learn from an early age that a boat stranded in the water equals a dead occupant. (If a storm does not drown you and your boat, an alligator might get you.) If you spend time with your son learning how to fix a boat motor, there is little chance that either of you will ever become stranded in a boat in the middle of a potentially dangerous waterway. Knowing how to fix a boat motor could mean the difference between paddling and/or drifting for days versus getting out of harm's way and getting to a safe place on the coast or an embankment.

Gain the Skills That Could Land a Job as a Boat Repair Technician

There are many businesses that provide stern drive services. They are frequently hiring and looking for individuals that know their way around their products. While this is also true of car repair, your son can earn more working in a boat-building or boat engine-building factory than he can working as a car mechanic. This is especially true of any state that is surrounded by oceans, large lakes, bayous, swamps and several rivers.

For more information about boat motors and learning to rebuild them, talk to a professional business like Rick's Master Marine.