It can be intimidating to go to a golf course if you've never been golfing before. There are lots of rules to be aware of. There is the etiquette, much of it unspoken. Then there is the place itself. Often times you will be going to a country club. These places can be intimidating to many people because they are exclusive.

However, golf is a really fun sport. Why else would so many people devote countless hours walking around what amounts to a really nice lawn?

If you're planning on going golfing for the first time, then here are some things to know beforehand. They will make your trip more enjoyable.

Golf Clubs

Clubs are the most essential part of any game. You can golf without golf shoes, gloves, or a caddy, but you can't golf without clubs.

If you've never golfed before, odds are you don't have golf clubs. Don't rush out and buy a new set of golf clubs just yet. You might end up not loving the game. Then you're stuck with an expensive doorstop.

The first thing to do is check with the course and see if they rent clubs. Many courses will rent out golf clubs. It's actually very popular. Many businessmen travel around the country and go out on meetings to the golf course. They don't carry their clubs with them on the airplane. So, it is very likely that your local golf course has designated clubs for rent.

Set a Tee Time And Be Prompt

Golf players are notoriously fastidious about being prompt. Your tee time is the time when your group is set to begin play. If you show up late, then it throws off the schedule for everyone else. You are inconveniencing a lot of people by showing up late. So, be punctual.

Dress the Part

You don't have to don ugly checked golf pants, or look like an extra from Caddyshack, but you should respect the dress code. You don't want to show up in jeans and a  t-shirt. Different courses (such as The Pointe Golf Club) will enforce varyingly stringent dress codes. If you're going to a public golf course, it will be more lax than if you're going to a really exclusive country club.  The good news is that this information isn't secret. It should be on the club's website. If it is not, and you're unsure, then call them up.

Tee Off Right

This is something people have a lot of trouble with when they first begin golfing. Teeing off sounds simple, but there is a procedure that you need to follow. You might have seen golfers place a tee randomly in the ground, take a practice swing, and then swing away. However, they are not placing the tee randomly. There are tee markers. You never place your tee in front of the markers. You place it between the two markers. You can place it behind the markers, but never in front.

Don't Move the Ball

This final bit of advice is for the golf novice. It is basic, but it is probably the most important piece of golf advice you'll ever hear. Don't move the ball. There are very complicated rules governing when you can and can't move the golf ball, but as a general rule leave it alone.