Do you own your own home? Are you considering installing a new swimming pool? Here are some reasons why the pool construction will make a great holiday gift for you and your family:

You'll take advantage of the off season: Many people start thinking about their new swimming pool installation in late spring or early summer. With so many people having their pools put in at once, pool installation companies can get overwhelmed. This can lead to swimming pools that take much longer to complete than you originally anticipated, because the pool company is busy.

Your trees will be dormant: You have the perfect place to install a new pool, but there are one or two small trees in the way. If you want to save those trees instead of simply cutting them down, late autumn or early spring is a good time to have them relocated. They will have shed their leaves and become dormant, which will allow them to be moved by a professional with minimal risk of shock or death to the tree.

Your pool construction will be complete by summer: Potentially the worst thing about deciding to have a new swimming pool installation is the possibility of having to wait a full year to actually use your new pool. Normally, by the time you've met with the consultants, the pool area has been dug, the liner installed and the pool filled, it may end up being too late in the year to actually use your pool. By installing during autumn or winter, you'll only have a few months to wait after construction before you'll be able to go swimming.

Your garden will suffer less damage: Because of the heavy equipment that is used, new swimming pool installation can be rough on your existing garden. Even the most careful backhoe driver may accidentally run over your prize flowerbed, damaging their looks for the remainder of the season. If the pool construction is done after the garden has died off or gone dormant for the year, damage will be less severe. If your perennials are accidentally hurt, you'll be able to assess the damage while the plant is asleep for the winter, allowing you to formulate a plan for when spring arrives.

You can split installation costs: A beautiful pool deck, the concrete area surrounding the pool, can cost nearly as much to install as the pool itself. By having the pool installed in late autumn or early winter, you can request that the construction company install just the pool. This will give you several months to save more money for the deck itself, potentially allowing you have a nicer looking pool as a result.